Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carpano Antica a wonderful sweet vermouth

There are so many cocktails and not enough good vermouths but I found one at a Bartenders Cabinet meeting last month called Carpano Antica. It's been called the king of sweet vermouth and dates back to 1786 from Turin Italy and was invented by Antonio Benedetto Carpano and is a secret family recipe.  For your information this vermouth is an aromatised wine that's flavored with a variety of botanicals that makes it very complex but gives great body when mixing it in a Manhattan, Negroni, Americano or to even drink it on it's own over ice is tasty.

You can find this at you're local liquor warehouse or look on line for it. I've used it in the cocktails I make and featured it on Martini in the morning show and you can't go wrong with it. Let me know what you think.


John Apodaca

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  1. Problem is, it's so fine it's a waste to mix it. The herbs & citrus peel with a clean bitter finish... this isn't your average Manhattan fodder. Chilled straight up or with some ice, maybe a twist of lemon peel, and you'll forget the booze entirely. Or if you must, do it like Julia Childs and invert the proportions for a "Reverse" Manhattan.