Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sassafras Bar now open

I had the pleasure of going to a soft opening of Sassafras bar in Hollywood. As I walked in, it reminded me of being in New Orleans, very southern themed with sitting parlors, lamps with fringe, a taxidermist bear, worn walls and above the bar is a dry cleaning rack with barrel aged cocktails that rotates. I tried several of the house cocktails and if your a bourbon lover like me I do recommend the Sassafras Royal, Peppercorn Cobbler and the Toasted Pecan Julep for starters. 

Sassafras was started by the 1933 Group which also brought about Oldfields liquor room, Bigfoot lodge, Thirsty Crow to name a few. If your taste is for a good cocktail, without having to instruct a bartender how to make it this is the place for you and some friends to check out. If your not sure what to order, they have a menu you can choose from or they have build a buck which you choose your choice of spirit along with their housemade ginger beer. If you're hungry,  they have food such as jambalaya, Cajun cheese medallions with grilled jalapenos, and short-rib sliders marinated in coke.  If you're looking to get out and try someplace new, stop by Sassafras bar and bring someone with you. 

God bless and Cheers,

John Apodaca 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Manhattan Cocktail vs. the Manhattan

The Manhattan Cocktail that is being served today is quite a different recipe from its former glory days in the latter half of the nineteenth century.  The cocktail in it's original first appeared in books such as how to mix drinks as well as Harry Johnson's 1882 Bartenders Manual.  The forgotten recipe has a higher ratio of sweet vermouth than we know today along with orange Curacao, Boker's bitters and served straight up with a lemon twist.  Cherry's in Manhattans came much later as our cultural drinking habits changed.  

I've tried this version and prefer it much more than the contemporary Manhattan.  I've met others that said they've ordered Manhattans and thought they didn't like the drink but had they tried this cocktail they would have added it to their black book of favorite drinks.  I stress to use quality ingredients as opposed to what's less expensive otherwise you'll end up with drink that's not palatable. 

God bless and Cheers,

John Apodaca 

Manhattan Cocktail 

1 1/2 Rittenhouse 100-proof rye
1 3/4 oz Carpano Antica sweet vermouth 
1/2 oz  Orange Curacao 
Dash of Boker's bitters
Lemon Peel for Garnish

Place ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously and serve in a chilled cocktail glass with a lemon peal for garnish.