Monday, April 12, 2010

The Truth about glass size for cocktails

This is John Apodaca from Daddy-O's Martinis. A few weeks ago I shared with you about glass size really matters for quality cocktails.  I mentioned that since we live in this super sized nation where everything has gotten larger for the sake of assuming that more is better is a fallacy!

As I research many recipes from the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries, I noticed many of them say to shake with cracked ice and pour into a three ounce glass. Three ounces to most doesn't sound too big or that they wouldn't be getting they're  moneys worth. However, one of my fellow bartender friends, Jason at 320 Main in Seal Beach says, " the last sip should taste as good as the first". Standard size in most bars and restaurants is about seven to twelve inches but as I mentioned  in an earlier blog, after a few minutes, the drink loses it's initial chill along with flavor. A patron has to either choose to chug the drink like beer or order another one rather than sipping.

Some of the newer bars in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego that I visited that carefully craft cocktails are using about four to five ounce glasses, to me that's a right size and the flavor will last. Another advantage of smaller size is a person will be able to enjoy two to three cocktails without getting too intoxicated. I recently spoke with one restaurant manager and he said his patrons would never go for that but I find the opposite is true since now many establishments are serving as part of their menus smaller food portions such as sliders or small hot wings plates.

You can find a variety of smaller glass sizes either on line or restaurant and bar supply stores for reasonable prices. Your comments are welcome.


John Apodaca

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  1. Heaven: to find a bartender that really knows what he's doing as opposed to simply filling a jumbo-size stem glass with 'well' grade liquor and candy colored sugar syrup.