Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Radio Room at the Edison

Hi this John from Daddy-O's Martinis. I attended the Edison Bar in Downtown Los Angeles last Tuesday for their Radio Room ( a night where they have featured bartenders with specialty drinks and a band).  The tickets for the event were $10.00 per person so a friend and I attended to see what kind of drinks the guest bartenders would craft along with the type of music performed.

The featured bartenders were located at various bar stations throughout the club along side the regular staff, however the club neglected to mention who were these guest bartenders and what  particular drinks they were creating. The featured drinks where $14.00 each as opposed to the normal prices at the Edison and we were given a choice to buy tickets for the specialty cocktails at the entrance or buy them individually at the bar in order to simplify it for the club, I found this more confusing.

 It would have been nice to have these bartenders do some demonstrations and explain what their signature drinks were. I was told by one of the featured bartender from New York, " I'm only making these two drinks", from the list I was given and they were good, but nothing I'd ask for again at those prices per drink. I wanted to keep a tab open and try another bar, this particular bartender told me my credit card is in the system and it's all connected, not true. I tried ordering at a bar, across the room and was told he the guest bartender didn't understand how things work. At that point I closed out my card at the first bar, went and ordered from the regular Edison menu. My friend and I found a place to sit and drink then the band started which was no more than a small marching band in overdone costumes playing music that belongs on a football field at half time with overweight women attempting belly dancing to the music.

My overall experience is that, I probably won't be back at the Edison for Radio room night, the place is fun but for a very general audience. There's better places for those who's focus is well crafted cocktails with less confusion and not marching bands.


John Apodaca

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