Wednesday, March 24, 2010

320 Main an oasis for great cocktails

This is John Apodaca with Daddy-O's Martinis and a few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled Thirsty for a classic cocktail in Long Beach and can't find one. Some of the bars I mentioned did not make the grade but there are others that did. One of the places I mentioned was 320 Main in Seal Beach which I call an oasis in a desert of of mediocre bars. 

I found 320 Main back in December of 2009 after working a bartending gig when my friend Mark and I wanted to sit down, enjoy a cocktail and relax. I asked the owner and head bartender Jason Schiffer to make me a classic cocktail called an Old Fashion.  It was so tasty and had such a great balance of flavor that I keep going back to try more drinks.  Jason is a cocktail enthusiast that has a passion for crafting quality vintage style drinks, along with his own creations, making them they way they were intended to be made, using top quality liquor and hard to find ingredients.  

Not only does 320 Main have incredible drinks, it also has a great selection of appetizers and entrees that will satisfy any pallet.  You will find the atmosphere classy but not stuffy, the staff very friendly and you're made to feel welcome when you enter.  I guarantee a great experience and  you'll want to tell you're friends and family about it.

Jason Schiffer also founded the Bartender Cabinet of Orange County, which is a monthly gathering of bartenders  and cocktail enthusiasts and is helping to foster this new trend in quality bartending.  

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  1. Everyone I've introduced to this place says it's their new favorite hang out!